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Hi! I am Sascha Thilmany aka Mr.T

I am a designer and car enthusiast!

Everything has always been about cars. As a child I always wanted to be a "car maker". It should turn out later that it was probably more about design :-) so I became a designer.

Right after graduation I gained experience at Daimler-Benz in interior and UI-Design. After all my studies and seamless transition to the world of work, I wanted to take a look at the world outside and went on trips for several years. That broadened my horizons considerably and I wanted to develop further afterwards. So I did an apprenticeship as a vehicle mechatronics technician, which in addition to the purely aesthetic and visual aspect also gave me a deep insight into the technical and practical world of the automobile. However, the heart of the designer still beats the strongest in me, so I am now going my own way and want to share my enthusiasm for cars with all like-minded people out there and do them good with drawings and illustrations, but also with my opinion on design tweeks.


Thank you for your message!

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