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Holiday Time 😎☀️🌴

in this case Oldsmobile Holiday from 1955.

Everything was better before! ... well, I don't know, in 1955 I wasnn't be thought of.

What I can say for sure, as far as the body designs and color choices from the past are concerned, I have the feeling that it was definitely bolder.

And if not braver, then definitely happier. I mean, just take a look at this two-tone paint job ... I don't have to say much more, right?

And I would be really interested, however, whether the whole thing was perceived that way earlier or whether it was just standard.

Today's designs are often very aggressive, sporty and dynamic. It used to look to me as if the overall picture should be harmonious and friendly. And then call it Holiday ... come on!

What is there that promises a better mood than vacation or holiday?

I stand by it, I would have liked to have grown up in this post-war period, then I could have taken the fifties, the sixties and the seventies with me.

As far as the vehicle design is concerned, it went down hill from the 1990s.

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